This page lists several sample disclaimer statements. The disclaimer notices you use will depend on which legal aspects are important to the company, and on the job function of the person sending the email.

  1. Sample disclaimers covering different legal aspects
  2. Breach of confidentiality & accidental breach of confidentiality
  3. Transmission of viruses
  4. Entering into contracts
  5. Negligent misstatement
  6. Employer’s liability
  7. Company address
  8. Complete disclaimers

Sample disclaimers covering different legal aspects

Disclaimers can be made up out of statements covering different legal aspects. Below are some sample disclaimer statements that can be used for each aspect independently. To make up your disclaimer, select statements for the different aspects you wish to cover and include these in your disclaimer. Replace ‘the company’ with your company name and if possible use merge fields to make the disclaimer more specific, such as including the recipient name.

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