Application/passport once received at Gerrys VDB after processing by the concerned Embassy/High Commission/Consulate, can be collected personally or through a representative

Personal collection of applications:

Applications for following Embassies are to be collected personally by the applicant and will not be handed over to a third party or representative of the applicant

  • Embassy of Italy (visa applications only)

Application can be collected personally by the applicant upon providing the following documents

  • Gerry’s Original CN slip
  • A clear readable copy of valid CNIC of the applicant

Note:   For applicants under 18 years, copy of FRC/Birth Certificate/B.Form will be required

Collection of applications on authority letter:

Applications for the following Embassies/High Commissions can be collected by a representative of the applicant on an authority letter given by the applicant

  • Embassy of Belgium
  • High Commission of India
  • Royal Thailand Embassy
  • Kenya High Commission
  • High Commission of Malaysia, Islamabad
  • Embassy of Argentina
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Embassy of Oman (only blood relatives i.e. parents, children, siblings and spouses can collect the application on applicants behalf)
  • Consulate General of Oman , Karachi

Representative will have to produce the following documents

  • Gerry’s Original CN slip
  • A valid CNIC copy of the applicant clearly showing applicants signatures
  • Authority letter addressed to Manager Gerry’s Visa Drop Box authorizing the representative with the same signatures as on applicants CNIC
  • Valid CNIC copy of the representative.
  • A consent letter from other parent if either of two has to collect the passports of their children under the age of 18 Years
  • A copy of FRC/ B. Form/Birth certificate showing child-parents details
Lost Gerrys CN Slip:

In case Gerrys original CN Slip/Receipt is lost, applicant will have to come personally along with the following documents

  • An affidavit on stamp paper, duly attested by notary public/oath commissioner office, mentioning loss of the CN slip
  • A request statement to return the processed application/passport. Statement must also mention that if the lost CN Slip is found/retrieved somehow, it will not be used to claim the collected application/passport rather will be returned back to Gerrys concerned office.
  • For collection of applications of Italian Embassy, if Gerrys CN Slip is lost, in addition to the affidavit on stamp paper, applicant will have to provide an FIR as well from the concerned police station.
Routing of applications for delivery at other stations:

All processed applications can be routed from and to any of Gerrys offices for delivery except those which are for the following Embassies

  • Embassy of Italy

Processed applications/passports can be collected from Gerrys concerned offices on all Government of Pakistan working days from Monday to Friday between 01:00PM to 04:00 PM

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